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Clay Grinding Machine

Psted On 2018-09-15 19:57:18
Clay Grinding Machine

Clay Grinding Machine transformation technology

Technical introduction

Through the patented technology, the ordinary Clay Grinding Machine is upgraded to an ultra-fine mill, and the fly ash and mineral powder (ratio of about 7:3) are used as raw materials to produce ultra-fine high-performance composite mineral admixture. The product is used as cement admixture and Concrete admixture.

The technical features are as follows:

  • 1. Superior performance. The product performance index is superior to the index of secondary grinding slag in "mineral admixture for high strength and high performance concrete" (GB/T 18736-2017);
  • 2. The benefits are significant. Increase the utilization of fly ash, reduce the amount of clinker or cement, and significantly reduce the production cost of cement concrete;
  • 3. Small investment and quick results. It only needs to carry out technical transformation on the existing mill, with small investment, short construction period and quick effect.


  • 1. Fly ash grinding and processing enterprises. The fly ash is processed into a high-performance composite mineral admixture, and the selling price can be much higher than that of ordinary finely ground fly ash;
  • 2. Cement enterprises. First, the product can be used as a cement admixture. The cement of the same strength grade can be mixed with more than 25%, and the cost can be reduced by more than 20 yuan/ton. Second, the enterprise can transform and directly produce the composite admixture for concrete, which is sold to concrete mixing. station;1
  • 3. Concrete enterprises. Based on the original formula of the commercial mixing station, the cement consumption can be further reduced, and the concrete production cost can be reduced by 10 yuan/m3 or more.

Engineering case

  • 1. A cement grinding station in Shandong has successfully completed the transformation. The Clay Grinding Machine model is 2.4×14 meters. The average output after transformation is 30t/h. The product is used for PC42.5 cement to reduce the production cost by about 30 yuan/ton, which is used to reduce the production of C30 concrete. The cost is 10 yuan / cubic meter.
  • 2. Many projects in Shandong, Yunnan, Henan and other regions are undergoing renovation.