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Failure Cause Of Vertical Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2018-01-08 15:22:50
Failure Cause Of Vertical Ultrafine Mill

Failure Cause Of Vertical Ultrafine Mill

Vertical Ultrafine Mill roller bearing is a key part of the grinding and fragile parts, grinding roller bearings with oil immersion lubrication and forced circulation lubrication in two forms, and now use vertical roller Ultrafine Mill lubrication more oil circulation lubrication. In this paper, vertical Ultrafine Mill as an example, a detailed analysis of the roller abrasion and bearing damage.

Seal Pressure Failure

Grinding roller seal is to prevent the high concentration of dust inside the grinding roller cavity to protect the roller bearing from damage through the sealing machine to the grinding roller cavity into the high pressure wind, forming a positive pressure in the grinding roller cavity, so as to prevent Dust into the purpose. However, the grinding conditions are very complicated, the concentration of dust in the suspension state is very high, often occur in the production process the following conditions:

  • 1, seal the wind turbine pressure is low or sealed fan filter and filter cloth fouling blockage, resulting in the seal into the Ultrafine Mill cavity volume and wind pressure to reduce;
  • 2, air pressure seal pipe flange and grinding seal pipe joints on the joints of poor sealing and leakage, resulting in lower pressure into the grinding roller chamber;
  • 3, in the vertical Ultrafine Mill feed operation or shut down the Ultrafine Mill under the wind unreasonable in the Ultrafine Mill roll cavity to produce a slight negative pressure state.


These reasons are likely to lead into the Ultrafine Mill roll chamber air volume and wind pressure is reduced, easy to make micro-particle material into the roller seal air cavity, damage to the roller seals and seals, resulting in abrasion or oil leakage bearing damage.

Roller Oil Level Is Too High Or Too Low

Roller back to the tube vacuum determines the level of oil in the roller chamber, the vacuum pressure adjustment is directly related to the roller bearing lubrication state, the oil level is too high or too low will cause grinding roller oil leakage or bearing damage.

Due to the importance of the Ultrafine Mill roller lubrication system to the Ultrafine Mill bearing, the roller bearing can be rapidly diagnosed in a simple way for normal operation:


  • One is to observe the condition of the oil in the grinding roller on the spot, or to determine whether the grinding roller bearing is damaged by detecting the content of the metal particles in the oil sample. If the content of the metal particles in the oil sample is large, the bearing has been seriously damaged.
  • Second, observe the roller back to the oil temperature. If a roll back to the oil temperature, the other roll back to normal oil temperature, indicating that the roller bearing damage.