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Mica Mill

Psted On 2018-09-15 20:06:32
Mica Mill

The high and low output of the Mica Mill not only affects the stable production of the kiln, but also affects the unit power consumption of the feed, which in turn affects the cost of the feed and the company's benefits. Through the understanding and analysis of the Mica Mill, how to optimize the process parameters to ensure quality, increase production, reduce energy consumption, strengthen equipment maintenance and management, improve operating rate, improve economic efficiency is the central issue of Mica Mill management and operation .

Mica Mill process system

1. Influence of waste heat power generation on Mica Mill

Due to the production of waste heat power generation, the temperature of the flue gas discharged from the kiln tail is greatly reduced compared with the previous one, and the grinding temperature is generally around 190 degrees Celsius. Since the Mica Mill is a drying mill, the temperature of the grinding mill is reduced, which brings about a reduction in the time of the Mica Mill production. In operation, we keep the amount of water sprayed in the mill properly and make full use of the limited hot air. After continuous exploration, adjust the opening of the spout ring to suit the current working conditions.

2, the impact of raw material properties

The material requirements of the Mica Mill are mainly manifested in the wearability and particle size. The higher the hardness of the material, the longer the material is ground into the finished product, increasing the internal circulation of the mill and increasing the wear of the equipment. There are many limestone interlayers in the mining area. After the limestone containing a large amount of wet clay is transported into the distribution pool, it is bonded in the warehouse to block the cutting slip, and the mill cannot be produced normally. According to the actual situation, all the personnel in our collection class are in the deployment of the library to clear the material, and use the air cannon to assist in the clearing of the block, to fully guarantee the production of the mill. Limestone containing a large amount of wet clay causes clogging of the slippery slipper, and the rotary feeder frequently stops due to overload. In response to this situation, we have taken the following measures in due course to fully guarantee production. Four air guns are installed at the bottom of the grinding slip to assist in clearing the plug; equipped with pneumatic air rafts, and the accumulated material in the slips is manually cleaned during the shutdown.

3, the system leaks

We will pack all the equipment and pipelines in the area to the people. The production department will check the system every week. If there is any air leakage, material leakage or ash leakage, the person responsible shall be punished, and the system shall be rectified within a time limit to ensure the normal operation of the system.