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Mineral Grinding Mill

Psted On 2018-09-15 20:07:38
Mineral Grinding Mill

Mineral Grinding Mill management and maintenance

1. Influence of wear of grinding roller and disc liner on Mineral Grinding Mill output

It can be known from the working principle of the Mineral Grinding Mill that the vertical grinding is applied to the material by grinding roller to grind the material during the working, so the wear of the grinding roller surface and the grinding surface liner will increase with the running time. Seriously, the shape of the grinding roller and the grinding disc will become uneven and irregular, the grinding efficiency will decrease, and the yield will be greatly reduced. In this case, the wear of the lining should be checked regularly. When the wear is serious, replace it in time to avoid other problems such as vibration caused by the wear of the lining and affect the safety of the main engine. The life of the liner can be extended by turning the roller down and appropriately lowering the height of the retaining ring. At present, our company's Mineral Grinding Mills use ceramic roller sleeves produced in India and disc liners produced by Beijing Jiake Company. Due to the serious wear of material factors, not only should some of the failures of the Mineral Grinding Mill system be dealt with during the shutdown, but also the online welding discs, plus other internal accessories, such as spout ring air deflectors, scraper plates, material guides, and grinding bodies. The wear of the board and the water spray pipe is also serious. We stipulate that the next maintenance plan project should be made according to the situation of checking the grinding condition during the last stop before each stop. According to the maintenance project, the maintenance time and personnel are reasonably arranged, and each maintenance project is required to be completed on time to ensure long-term safe operation.

2. The influence of the wear of the retaining ring on the Mineral Grinding Mill output

The function of the retaining ring is to allow the material to be adequately ground on the disc. The height of the retaining ring determines the thickness of the layer. When the thickness of the material layer is high, the vibration of the Mineral Grinding Mill will increase, and the coarse powder will not enter the outer circulation under the action of centrifugal force without sufficient grinding, so that the total amount of grinding will increase, and the output at the time will be reduced. And the Mineral Grinding Mill vibrates greatly. When the retaining ring is too low, it is difficult to ensure a smooth thickness of the material layer. Under the action of the tensioning force and the self-weight of the grinding roller itself, there is a chance that the intermittent roller plate directly contacts the impact, causing vibration and cannot be normally produced. Therefore, with the continuous wear of the roller, we continuously reduce the height of the retaining ring according to the production conditions, until the retaining ring is completely cut off.

3. The influence of the wear of the nozzle ring on the Mineral Grinding Mill output

The main function of the spout ring is to change the wind direction through the wind guide vanes to ensure that the airflow direction is consistent. The inclination, height, and wear of the guide vanes have an effect on the airflow. The angle of the air deflector determines the time from the separation of the wind material to the powder selection zone. The length of time affects the internal working conditions of the Mineral Grinding Mill. The damage of the guide vane will cause the air volume passing through the wind ring to be unevenly distributed, and the rising airflow of the stable swirling direction cannot be formed. The airflow is disordered, so that the gas carrying capacity is weak, and the material returns to the grinding disc or falls into the scraping chamber at the bottom of the spout ring. , causing the thickness of the material layer to be different, increasing the circulation amount affects the output of the Mineral Grinding Mill. We use the time of each downtime to replace the damaged air deflector.

4. Influence of wear of material baffle on Mineral Grinding Mill output

According to the wear condition, the height of the material baffle is often adjusted, which can flatten the material on the grinding disc, stabilize the material layer, and ensure that the material is evenly ground; it can effectively protect the Mineral Grinding Mill body from being worn.

5. Influence of hydraulic system pressure on the output of Mineral Grinding Mill

In the case of other factors, the grinding pressure is proportional to the yield. The greater the grinding pressure, the greater the positive pressure acting on the material bed, and the better the pulverizing effect. However, if the tension is too high, the probability of vibration will increase, and the motor current will increase accordingly. Therefore, the operator should consider the set value of the tension force according to the material's grindability, output and fineness index, as well as the formation of the bed and the control of thickness and vibration. Failure of the hydraulic system valve, abnormal pressure switch or internal leakage will cause the tension to decrease, and the pressure in the nitrogen cylinder accumulator will not meet the requirements, which will affect the production time. With each downtime, we check the nitrogen cylinder pressure to within the specified range. During production, the amount in the return line of each hydraulic cylinder is inspected to determine its leakage.

6, daily inspection

Equipped with relevant temperature measurement and vibration measuring tools to ensure that the inspection workers can regularly check each device with timing, fixed point and fixed content. Strengthen the supervision and punishment of standardized inspection and inspection of inspection workers.

7, shutdown inspection

Provision for shutdown inspection: inspection of grinding roller oil level; wear condition of each roller tie rod, lifting ring and pin; wear data of grinding roller; welding repair of retaining ring, wind wing and air deflector; Welding repair with the labyrinth seal, inspection and measurement of the bearing; repair welding and sealing of the fan duct, checking the soft connection; measuring the axial yaw of the main deceleration high-speed shaft, checking the development state of the bevel; checking the support bars and blades of the circulating fan Repair welding; inspection of the hopper, plate chain, pin, high-speed tooth of the cycle bucket, regular cleaning of the tail material; in addition to the temporary shutdown, each time the plan is stopped three times, the inner and outer roller roads of the grinding disc shall be separately welded online. Planned shutdown for 24h, each time the welding amount is 200-400kg.