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Price Of Gold Stamp Mill

Psted On 2018-10-25 16:36:38
Price Of Gold Stamp Mill

The function of blade in the production of Gold Stamp Mill

Different parts in the Gold Stamp Mill are not only an important part of the crusher, but also an important part to assist the production process. In the Gold Stamp Mill, different parts play different roles. These different roles together complete the grinding of materials, each part is indispensable in the production of the machine.

In the interior of the Gold Stamp Mill, there are many kinds of parts, some parts directly participate in the production process, some play an indirect role, so the wear of different parts is different, some parts are worn seriously, these parts are also called wear-resistant parts, belonging to the core of the mill. Parts, such as grinding rolls, grinding rings, shovel knives, bearings, they are very important for production, here we are to introduce one of the shovel knives, the role played in the grinding process.

To understand this problem, we first understand the working process of the Gold Stamp Mill, mainly as follows: the material is evenly and continuously sent into the main grinding room, by the shovel shovel material, added to the middle of the grinding roller and grinding ring, grinding by the grinding roller grinding ring operation, from this grinding process can be seen in the introduction of the shovel. The function is to shovel up and add the material to the grinding ring for grinding, so the shovel has a very important role in the production process.

Now that we understand the role of the shovel in the production of Gold Stamp Mills, we can see from its role, the part is also a wear-resistant parts, its direct friction with the material makes it gradually wear, this wear will make the part life and performance gradually decline, so in the use of shovel blade. When, also need to maintain the operation, the specific maintenance method is lubrication, overhaul and so on, of course, to fundamentally extend the life of the spade, we need to pay attention to the choice of its production material, good material is to ensure its good wear resistance and service life of the basic conditions.

This paper mainly introduces the function of shovel blade in the production of Gold Stamp Mill. We introduce this problem in detail and analyze the maintenance of this part. In order to ensure the smooth operation of Gold Stamp Mill, we need not only reasonable maintenance of shovel blade, but also other internal resistance. Maintenance of grinding parts is also important.