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Silica Mill

Psted On 2018-09-15 19:53:37
Silica Mill

Factors affecting the production of Silica Mill

Silica Mill is one of the most widely used and widely used equipment in the grinding industry. According to the statistics of the competent authorities of the industry, the share of Silica Mill in domestic grinding equipment is as high as 70%. However, as production progresses, there is a feedback from users that their Silica Mills have reduced production and energy consumption. Today, we mainly introduce the three influencing factors and maintenance factors of Silica Mill production, and hope to bring some help to your production.

1. Wind pressure effect

The dust-containing gas is closed during the whole grinding process. The moisture in the material and the moisture in the air increase due to the friction temperature of the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the leakage of the air duct flange increases the system air volume. Large, excess air is discharged through small cyclones and wind bags.

The effect of the wind bag; the diffusion bag has no backflushing or vibration cleaning system, and the long-term operation will inevitably cause the blockage of the surface of the bag, and the wind bag is not smooth, causing the resistance of the entire air duct system to rise, and the machine has reached The amount of powder mixed gas required for grinding is reduced, resulting in a decrease in the output of the Silica Mill.

The influence of closed-circuit circulating blower wind pressure; because the closed-circuit circulating air volume is basically certain, only the wind pressure effect is discussed. The frequency conversion technology can improve the fan speed, obviously increasing the wind pressure and increasing the outflow of dust-containing gas, thereby increasing the output. The design of the closed-circuit air duct system is: the positive pressure inside the main machine, after the Silica Mill, the air duct to the fan are all under negative pressure operation. Therefore, increasing the pressure will inevitably lead to positive pressure operation of the wind channel, dust leakage, and thus powder loss and production decline.

2, analysis machine speed impact

The speed of the analyzer is the mechanism for controlling the size of the particles containing the dust. The lower the speed, the higher the output. However, under the premise of product quality requirements, the speed of the analyzer is basically controlled at a fixed value and cannot be changed at will.

3, equipment maintenance impact

Due to the closed circuit, the gas is continuously heated, and the temperature of the powder itself is high. The grease of the grinding roller bearing in the main machine is thinned by the high temperature, and it is easy to flow out of the skeleton sealing ring, resulting in lack of oil and causing bearing damage. In addition, the damage and maintenance of the grinding roller will reduce the output rate of the equipment and affect the output of the equipment.