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Silica Sand Grinding Mill

Psted On 2018-10-25 16:38:13
Silica Sand Grinding Mill

Silica Sand Grinding Mill improves the industrial pulverizing and discharging rate of ores

With the deepening development of China's socialist economic system reform process, the use of ore powder is becoming more and more extensive, and the traditional single standard stone powder can no longer meet the needs of the industry, the demand for high-precision, multi-variety stone powder is increasingly strong, especially with the development of environmental protection industry, this demand is more and more intense. In order to advocate environmental protection and energy saving, the environmental protection ore pulverizing expert of Shibang Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. has been exploring for many years, and has finally developed and manufactured a series of ore pulverizing equipment.

Stone powder is widely used in rubber, paper, paint, plastic and aluminum profiles, ceramics, cement, glass, smelting, refractories, medicine, food, daily chemical industry, cosmetics, process construction, decoration and other production applications. Especially when it is applied to coatings and papermaking, the use of titanium dioxide can be reduced by 3% - 10% directly, thus greatly reducing the cost of products. Usage of Hanbaiyu (dolomite) ultrafine stone powder papermaking 1. Pulp filling (glueboard paper, copper board paper, etc.): Function: Increase opacity, improve paper flexibility. Shibang Industrial Co., Ltd. to create the development of ultra-fine Silica Sand Grinding Mill, crushed stone powder to 3250 mesh, fully in line with the requirements of the stone paper industry. Then how to improve the productivity of mobile grinding crusher? The world's industry offers the following proposals for reference.

1. Adopt different Silica Sand Grinding Mills.

Production practice has proved that Raymond Silica Sand Grinding Mill is more meaningful for brittle minerals. Because these grinders discharge ore quickly, and the high-density particles deposited in the bottom of the pulp are easy to discharge, rod mills also use parallel long steel rods as grinding media, so the phenomenon of over-comminution can be reduced. In addition, the surface of these grinding machines is shallow. The slurry has little buffering effect on grinding medium. So that the grinding media can fully play the role of crushing, so the production capacity of these mills is large.

In the selection of classification equipment, the use of fine screen and mill closed circuit, or pre-classification has certain advantages. When using fine screen as classification equipment. It can strictly control the product size of the grinder, so that the size can not be discharged, effectively avoiding the phenomenon of "coarsening". Secondly, the screening efficiency of the sieve is about 80-90%, while the spiral classifier and rake classifier usually only 40-60% of the classification efficiency. This is easy to cause the qualified fine grind re grinding, resulting in the phenomenon of smashing.

2. Adopt closed circuit grinding process.

The reasonable grinding process should be that the particles should be discharged from the mill as soon as they are grinded and separated from the monomer. In this way, on the one hand can avoid over-grinding, on the other hand can make grinding medium completely acting on the coarse particles, so that energy can do a great deal of useful work. However, it is very difficult to classify the grain size of materials in the existing grinder. Therefore, the qualified grain size of the grinding products can be separated by a classifier or a fine screen, and the coarse particles can be returned to the grinder for regrinding (also called sand return). It can be seen that in closed-circuit grinding, the feed of the grinder for the new ore to add sand back, so the grinder through more material, material through the grinder speed is accelerated. The grinding time is short. During closed-circuit grinding, the unqualified coarse particles should be forced to pass through the mill until it is qualified. Second, during the closed circuit grinding, the coarse grained content of the mill is increased because of the large amount of coarse sand. According to the principle of grinding kinetics. At this time, the energy is used to a great extent, so the grinding speed is accelerated and the productivity of the Silica Sand Grinding Mill is increased. In addition, due to the existence of a proper amount of sand return, the effect of the fluctuation of the new feeding of the grinder on the product granularity can be eliminated.

It can be seen that closed-circuit grinding can effectively avoid over crushing and coarse running. It can make the grinding operation in the premise of guaranteeing the qualified particle size, to obtain a uniform and coarse narrow grade of products, which is beneficial to the next step of the separation operation.

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