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Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2018-01-03 20:19:00
Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Mill

Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Mill

According to statistics, at present, there are 3 main types of calcium carbonate deposits in China: limestone, chalk and marble, which are widely distributed in the crust. Therefore, to carry out research on calcium carbonate processing technology, develop deep processing of products, it is very necessary. Calcium carbonate has been widely used in chemical industry, paper making, building materials and other industries. The requirements of these industries for heavy calcium tend to be ultrafine and ultra white, especially for the paper industry. In recent years, a great deal of work has been done on the purity, whiteness and fineness of calcium carbonate, and great progress has been made. Heavy calcium deep processing of ultrafine technology For lower purity calcium carbonate, the general first purification and impurity removal process to improve purity and whiteness. Most of China's calcium carbonate mineral purity up to 98%, whiteness 90% or more, without purification, just fine can be.


Calcium is mainly obtained by calcite processing, the current industry mainly choose vertical milling machine as the main Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Mill, calcite milling machine main processes are: large stone calcite - jaw crusher - Impact Crusher - Hoist to Silo - Mill Grinder - Conveyor to Silo - Ultrafine Mill - Dust - Packaging.


SBM is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Mill. It is also a superfine grinding machine provider in East China. Calcite after Calcium Carbonate Ultrafine Mill processing, white powder output is calcium carbonate, coarse whiting. Heavy calcium powder with high whiteness, purity, color and soft chemical stability and other characteristics, is commonly used in industry of high quality filler, widely used in rubber, plastic, artificial brick, papermaking, coating, paint, ink, cable, building supplies, food, medicine, textile, feed, toothpaste and other daily chemicals industry.