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Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2018-01-03 20:09:27
Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill

Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill is based on the traditional micro-grinding improved from the new high-fine grinding equipment, Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill commonly used in fluorite ore, slag, limestone, iron ore, fly ash, gypsum, cement, quartz, tailings, etc. Material grinding, Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill with a small material, high capacity, short payback period and other advantages.

First, Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill Profile


1, Structure

Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill by the cylinder, base, ring gear, the size of gear, feed port, the discharge device, simple structure, cheap operation, durable.

2, Principle

The reason why vertical grinding mill fineness, because it uses two positions grinding, coarse grinding and fine grinding, to achieve more meticulous grinding. Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill body to promote the operation of ore and grinding media to produce continuous improvement, whereabouts, impact and other sports, coarse crushing chamber configuration specifications of the larger ball and corrugated liner, ore hit the liner can be broken into Small particles, the ore material in the warehouse to obtain a preliminary grinding, the single compartment partition board into the second warehouse, in the warehouse to get further fine grinding, qualified mineral material is promptly discharged.

Second, The Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill Material Fineness

Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill has 34 kinds of specifications, each of the specifications of the fineness of the material or less, basically between 0.074-0.4mm, feed size below 25mm, we can see that its grinding than large. The smallest model is 9 meters by 1.8 meters Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill, the model is 5.5 meters by 8.5 meters Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill, Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill is equipped with different specifications of steel ball, corrugated liner, flat liner, compartment board to ensure the overall grinding fineness Higher ore grade to avoid coarse grading material to ensure the overall grinding fineness.

Third, Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill Hour Capacity


Due to Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill has a variety of specifications, different specifications of the production capacity difference, the smallest 9 m by 1.8 m Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill, hourly production capacity of 0.65-2 tons, the model of 5.5 m by 8.5 m Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill, hourly capacity In the 148-615 tons, the overall point of view, the hourly production capacity of 0.65-615 tons, the other, Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill can be customized production, production capacity can be customized according to process requirements. Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill design capacity and the actual capacity of some discrepancies, the design capacity also affected by the user's level of operation, but overall, or Concrete Floor Ultrafine Mill itself running performance, wear resistance, process design can better determine the overall capacity.