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Gear Transmission Lubrication

Psted On 2018-01-17 19:16:16
Gear Transmission Lubrication

Gear transmission is widely used in Ultrafine Mill. The transmission motion and power of the gear are done by the tooth surface of the gear. Gear transmission will cause friction and wear. Lubricating oil is needed to lubricate the gear surface. The lubricating oil will form an adsorption film and a reaction film on the tooth surface. It can not only avoid direct metal contact, reduce friction loss, but also heat and rust, and protect the gear structure.

Gear Transmission Type

There are many types of gear transmission:

According to the relative position of the axis of the gear, it can be divided into parallel axis cylindrical gear transmission, intersecting axis conical gear transmission and interlace axis spiral gear drive.

According to the working conditions of gear, it can be divided into open type gear transmission, semi open type gear transmission and closed gear transmission.



According to the hardness of the tooth surface, it can be divided into soft tooth surface gear and hard tooth face gear.

Instantaneous transmission ratio constant and high stability of gear transmission, the transmission structure is stable and reliable, has low noise, large transmission power, high efficiency, but require a higher gear in the actual application process of driving environment and lubrication condition, and is not suitable for transmission between the two, far more dust and the distance of the in selection should be particularly careful.

The Lubrication Mode Of Gear Transmission

Lubrication of Ultrafine Mill gear is mainly oil lubrication, oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil spray lubrication four.

The fuel injection is supplied by the oil pump or the central oil supply station with a certain pressure, and the lubricating oil is sprayed to the meshing surface of the gear teeth by the nozzle. The nozzle should be on one side of the tooth, so that the gear teeth that have just been meshed in time are cooled by lubricating oil, and the gear teeth are also lubricated.


Oil mist lubrication is mainly used for high transmission precision, and transmission power is not very large gear.

Dry oil jet lubrication is a common lubrication method for large gear, that is, open gear, and its lubrication effect is very good.

Is the full oil bath lubrication gear oil immersion pool gear, the gear, the lubricating oil to the meshing tooth surface, and the oil thrown into the tank wall. In a multistage gear drive, the oil can be taken with the oil tanker to the tooth surface of the gear that is not immersed in the oil pool.