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LM Vertical Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2018-01-23 17:30:32
LM Vertical Ultrafine Mill

How To Judge The LM Vertical Ultrafine Mill Running Fault

General main bearing operating faults are the following situations:

  • 1, the lubricating oil temperature gradually increased in the hollow shaft journal surface sticky paste formed bar streaks, deep streaks up to 2mm, and uneven density. The main reason is the hollow shaft journal finish is not enough, so that the contact point by the tile surface shear stress caused by large-scale tensile shear damage). Babbitt particles affixed to the hollow shaft journal surface, with the hollow shaft to the upper and cold lubricating oil meet and be cold, thereby increasing the hardness, when it goes down with the hollow shaft, the tile surface will be pulled, there Spacing ranging from the stripe traces. At the same time, sticky Babbitt particles of the hollow shaft friction through the cycle of operation, the main bearing lubricant temperature gradually increased to produce high temperatures. At this time should be pulled out of the shaft, re-scratch the tile surface, streak too deep, but also make up the same welding pasteurized alloy.
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  • 2, bearing high temperature on the side. This is due to the tile seat adjustment failure, so that the small surface area of ​​contact with the hollow shaft neck, static load caused by larger. At this time, the LM Vertical Ultrafine Mill barrel should be lifted up to check the contact between the spherical tile backing and the tile backing, and the tile backing and the tile backing should be ground again when necessary so as to be self-aligning. At the same time need to re-scratch tile surface, the oxide layer completely scraped off, and polished with oil stone hollow shaft journals.
  • 3, when the temperature rises, sometimes the spindle gloss gray, and there are adhesion phenomenon, which is due to the high temperature of the tile surface and gluing caused by this time to deal with the bearing scraping; sometimes the spindle bright, which is due to poor oil, oil Caused by more impurities, oil should be replaced.
  • 4, the oil temperature is high, but there is no adhesion of Babbitt phenomenon. The reason may have the following aspects: First, the supply of less oil and viscosity is low, can not form a film; Second, or poor oil quality; Third, the tile does not meet the requirements of norms, tile mouth gap is too small; Fourth, the bearing Cooling water is not smooth. Can take oil change, re-scratch tile and smooth cooling water and other measures to deal with.
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A large part of the failure of the LM Vertical Ultrafine Mill is due to poor lubrication of the LM Vertical Ultrafine Mill main bearing. Therefore, it is very important to improve the manufacture and installation technology of the bearing bush, improve the sealing method of the main bearing and take reasonable lubrication measures to the normal operation of the LM Vertical Ultrafine Mill. With the development of the cement industry, LM Vertical Ultrafine Mills are also growing in size and automation. Therefore, cement enterprises to implement preventive maintenance of the LM Vertical Ultrafine Mill, that is, well-developed pre-inspection program is very necessary.