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Mechanical Automation Of Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2017-12-26 14:54:57
Mechanical Automation Of Ultrafine Mill

Mechanical Automation Of Ultrafine Mill

As a new type of ore grinding equipment, Ultrafine Mill has also made great progress and progress in recent years. Especially the automation of Ultrafine Mill not only improves the efficiency of production, but also brings convenience to users.

Automatic Ultrafine Mill is mainly reflected in the following aspects: Ultrafine Mill for ore milling machine production, bearings and other parts need to be lubricated timely, some products in the past, mostly using the manual lubrication, and now most of the equipment is used for automatic oil lubrication, to complete the installation by the lubricating station; in addition, now the mill production line introduced an advanced system, through this system, customers can at any time in the control room to control production or not, and the control room can also be installed on the machine and some indicator connected, customers can through observing changes of indicator index to judge whether the normal operation of the machine. In order to make to continue production or maintenance inspection decision.


Automation is a relatively advanced technology in the domestic mining machinery industry, but in the information society in twenty-first Century, automation is not enough. Instead, it needs intelligent development, just like smart phones and intelligent robots. Intelligent Ultrafine Mill and its production line should be based on the liberation of labor as the main goal, and you can check the machine in the production line of damage degree and damage cause by intelligent technology, good convenience for machine maintenance, also can timely predict the fault in the machine, so that customers do protection work, to extend the service life of the machine.


Automation is a great progress in ore grinding equipment, but automation is not our ultimate goal. There will be more opportunities and challenges in the future development. The world state industrial technology group will strive to develop and produce grinding equipment and bring more advanced equipment and better user experience for the vast number of users. The above is the embodiment of mechanical automation for Ultrafine Mill, which is introduced by the state industrial technology group. Our factory produces high quality automatic Ultrafine Mill. We welcome customers to come to buy it.