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MTM Trapezium Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2018-01-22 19:26:09
MTM Trapezium Ultrafine Mill

MTM Trapezium Ultrafine Mill is a new type of high efficiency and energy-saving crushing equipment developed in twentieth Century. At the beginning of the application of the equipment industry, it is mainly used in the field of cement industry, which is restricted by the wear-resistant technology of the roll surface. With the maturing of the key technologies such as MTM Trapezium Ultrafine Mill, alloy stud roller surface, hydraulic coupling drive and direct drive of universal drive shaft and roller shaft, it has been successfully applied to metal mines at home and abroad, especially for iron mines, to crush metal ores with moderate hardness. MTM Trapezium Ultrafine Mill has the advantages of large processing capacity, fine particle size, high crushing efficiency and high equipment operation rate. It is an ideal equipment for iron ore crushing and ultra fine crushing. Based on the history of ore dressing production, the author summarizes the process of grinding mill and its industrial application in the crushing of iron ore.


Structural Characteristics Of Mtm Trapezium Ultrafine Mill

The MTM Trapezium Ultrafine Mill is made up of a frame, a high pressure work roll, a hydraulic system and a feeding system. The working parts of the MTM Trapezium Ultrafine Mill are 1 pairs of high-pressure rollers arranged in parallel and opposite directions. Each roller is driven by 1 motors through planetary gear reducer, where the fixed roller position is fixed, and the moving roller can move on the horizontal slide way. The hydraulic system on the sliding roll shaft provides extremely high working pressure (up to 300 MPa) to the working roll surface.

Working Principle Of Mtm Trapezium Ultrafine Mill


The working principle of MTM Trapezium Ultrafine Mill is laminated grinding at the end of 1970s, Germany proposed by Professor Suna, has become the guiding ideology of the development and improvement of energy saving grinding equipment. The Ultrafine Mill work, feed can be adjusted by the size of the opening of the feeder into the vertical crushing chamber between the grinding roller two, the implementation of full feeding, in the dual role of columnar gravity and 2 rollers rotate in opposite directions under the feeding was forced to squeeze into the crushing chamber continuously compressed and compacted, reach a certain when the pressure was crushed, but eventually form a dense sheet cake products with crack discharge. There are a lot of fine particles, fine particles and tiny cracks inside the cake, which makes the mechanical strength of the cake very low, which indirectly improves the processing ability and grinding efficiency of the Ultrafine Mill.