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SCM Series Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2017-12-23 10:50:56
SCM Series Ultrafine Mill

SCM Series Ultrafine Mill Introduction

SCM Series Ultrafine Mill is a new type of ultra-fine powder (325-2500 mesh) processing equipment developed on the basis of years of experiments and improvements, based on the accumulated experience of many years of mill production, which has absorbed the advanced mechanical manufacturing technology of Sweden. . It is the crystallization of Sino-Swiss advanced technology and is the newer product that is leading the trend of the mill.

  • 【Feed size】: 10-20mm
  • 【Production capacity】: 0.4-7.5T / h
  • Applications: Widely used in paint, paper, pigments, rubber, plastics, fillers, cosmetics, chemicals and other industries. SCM Series Ultrafine Mills are mainly suitable for processing non-flammable and brittle materials with Mohs hardness <9, such as coal, mica, talc, graphite, quartz, fluorite, calcite, limestone, dolomite, kaolin, bentonite, Barite, potassium feldspar, coke, coal gangue and so on.

Ultrafine Mill Working Principle

The chunks of material are crushed to the required granularity by the hammer Series Ultrafine Mill and then sent to the bunker by the hoisting machine. The materials are fed into the host machine through the feeding equipment in an even and continuous manner. The material entering the host machine falls onto the upper part of the host turntable with the inclined draft tube On the bulk tray.

When the host is working, dozens of grinding rollers rotate in the loop and roll. The material in the role of centrifugal force scattered by scattered around the plate and into the grinding chamber, grinding ring in the ring stamping, rolling, grinding.


After multi-layer crushed and milled material, with the fan air flow into the separator for powder classification, under the action of the separator impeller, the material does not meet the fineness requirements fall back into the mill cavity and re-grinding, in line with the fine Degree of the required material will then enter the cyclone powder collector with the separation of part of the powder collected by the bottom of the discharge device is the finished product powder discharge. The rest part of the powder from the cyclone dust collector into the upper part of the pulse dust collector, and adhesion to the surface of the filter bag, pulse valve to control the high-pressure airflow blowing instantaneously to the inside of the filter bag caused by the dramatic expansion and fluctuation of the filter bag, through the filter bag Suddenly jitter bounce off the adhesion of the powder, falling powder in the lower part of the precipitator, the two collected by the screw conveyor to collect the discharge is the finished product. After filtering the air flow through the muffler discharge to the air. The system is an open system, operating under negative pressure.

Superfine Mill Case Introduction

Zhejiang Superfine Mill Co., Ltd., the company is responsible for the total Sun superfine grinding more than ten years, finished product supply to more than 160 manufacturers; purchased from our company SCM8021 Series Ultrafine Mill.


Production Status

  • 【Daily operation】: 11 hours
  • 【Feed】: calcite, limestone, into the grinding machine host particle size <= 10mm
  • 【Finished】: 600-1250 mesh ultra-fine powder

SCM Series Ultrafine Mill Closed-Circuit Grinding Process


Grinding process is divided into closed and open two, proven by practice, open grinding system has the advantage of simple operation, the material is finished after the mill. However, it should be noted that the material flow in the mill slow, long residence time, it is likely to cause excessive grinding of the material, the particle size of the finished product is its disadvantage.

Therefore, we advocate and promote the use of closed-circuit grinding system, SCM Series Ultrafine Mill plus a selection of powder equipment, through the timely removal of the fine powder discharged outside the mill, so as to effectively avoid open grinding system problems. At the same time, the material flow rate in the closed circuit mill is accelerated, and the grinding bodies in each silo bear proper crushing or grinding tasks respectively, so the capacity of the equipment can be increased by 40%.

Shanxi users to us, SCM10036 superfine mill to replace the ball mill, the cement production line output from the original 20t / h increased to 27t / h, grinding power consumption decreased from 52.8kwt/h to 42.3kwt/h, From the perspective of production efficiency, power consumption contrast, greatly enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises.

SCM Series Ultrafine Mill Multi-Stage Series Grinding Process

The structure design of SCM Series Ultrafine Mill absorbs the multiple advantages of ball mill and ultra-fine mill, sticks to the working concept of more crushing and less grinding, and strives to reduce the particle size of the mill material. SCM Series Ultrafine Mill is the main processing method is roll grinding + ball mill grinding process, but also a variety of vertical mill and ball mill cascade grinding process configuration.

Material from the feed inlet into the mill, the crushed cement clinker into the roll pressure mill, a strong roller pressure crushed from tens of millimeters to a few millimeters or even fine after the fineness grading. Tandem grinding process represents a relatively new milling technology, stand-alone multi-machine features, dozens of roller rotation in the ring road, rolling. The material in the role of centrifugal force scattered by scattered around the plate and into the grinding chamber, grinding ring in the ring stamping, rolling, grinding. A number of separator work together, the fineness of cement products once reached d97 ≤ 5μm.

Improvement of SCM Series Ultrafine Mill Structure


  • First, the improvement of the structure of the SCM Series Ultrafine Mill is mainly reflected in the setting of the length of each silo in the mill, the form of the lining plate, the type of the diaphragm board, the through-hole rate and the arrangement method, etc. All these parameters are adjusted to meet the requirements of the new cement Standard requirements for aggregate fineness and grain size. First, the state team of technology through the appropriate shortening of the coarse grinding chamber length, increase the length of the fine grinding chamber approach to achieve a variety of mill pressure balance.
  • Second, the improvement of the partition board also expanded the original function, in addition to blocking large pieces of material, to prevent the grinding body string positions, to ensure ventilation, forced feeding, and can be graded on the material, in strengthening the impact of grinding body On the effective reduction of the proportion of coarse particles.
  • Third, the use of a new liner increases the abrasive strength of the ultrafine mill, increasing its impact on the comminuted material. In order to achieve better effect of cement grinding, SCM Series Ultrafine Mill will liner and grinding chamber with the design of a more reasonable, angle spiral liner by changing the movement of the grinding body grinding body, leaving the grinding body with the variability of the separation angle, the comparison Greatly improve the grinding efficiency of cement clinker.

Technical Parameters