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T130X Series Ultrafine Mill

Psted On 2017-12-23 11:32:46
T130X Series Ultrafine Mill

T130X Series Ultrafine Mill is a professional production of 200-33μm (80-425Mesh) fine powder milling equipment, its production effect is closely related to its structural design. The main factors influencing the production performance of the ultrafine mill in the cement mill production line are the number of ring rolls, the diameter of the roll, the inner diameter of the roll, the rotational speed of the main machine, the wear-resistant liner and the load of the abrasive body, but the fineness Generate a direct impact on the parameters of the inverter speed control of the analyzer.

Three Structural Features Of The T130X Series Ultrafine Mill

T130X Series Ultrafine Mill Grinding Body Loading And Grading

Expanding the load capacity of the grinding body has two advantages: First, increasing the filling capacity of the grinding body can increase the chance of grinding or grinding and increase the grinding output of the cement clinker without increasing the grading; secondly, After the filling rate increases, the center of gravity of the grinding body approaches the axis of the mill. The total moment of force does not increase obviously, which will not affect the power transmission and does not increase the power consumption.

T130X Series Ultrafine Mill by increasing the loading capacity, to improve the cement production in the unit of time production efficiency, taking into account the economic benefits of cement grinding line, we increase the cement grinding output, while focusing on the ultrafine mill grinding body Grading optimization. Grades determine the number of important parameters to be resolved are: a larger diameter ball, the average ball diameter and the ball-level and the proportion of all levels, the larger parameters of the ball diameter to fully consider the wear resistance of the material and fragile , but also the parameters of the main components of the equipment that we often say and the characteristics of the material. Closed-circuit T130X Series Ultrafine Mill production system can be based on the industry requirements of the intensity distribution of cement level control, thereby enhancing the strength of cement materials.

T130X Series Ultrafine Mill Wear Liner Design

The secret to the consistent and efficient production of T130X Series Ultrafine Mills lies in the structural features of the T130X Series Ultrafine Mills, in particular the construction of grinding rollers, grinding rings and linings, which allow for balanced and dynamic processing of the mill during operation. The strength of the material of the liner and grinding body directly affects its service life and has a direct impact on the degree of grinding of the cement. If the abrasive wear resistance and mechanical strength fail to meet the requirements of the grinding operation after a period of time, the original better grade is obviously difficult to guarantee. In view of the direct influence of the grinding body on the fineness of the finished product, the T130X Series Ultrafine Mill will improve the material of the lining and the grinding body as the basis for improving the material level matching and ensuring the stability of the grinding machine. Superfine mill liner with the overall uniform hardness and organizational structure, and high impact fatigue strength, low wear rate, no deformation, no rupture, etc., greatly improve the superfine mill's adaptability to the material for the Customers bring considerable economic benefits.

T130X Series Ultrafine Mill Grinding System Analysis

T130X Series Ultrafine Mill sales information feedback, many customers reflect the aircraft production efficiency, good stability, give full play to the advantages of ultra-fine milling technology, cement products manufacturing process has been further improved. Superfine mill host and base completely soft connection, no rigid contact, selection of high precision, for the production of concrete aggregate provides high-quality raw materials. With the introduction of the new cement standard, the fineness and grain size requirements of cement powder are more stringent, and different levels of cement products are also divided. T130X Series Ultrafine Mill analyzer frequency control, through precise motor control to improve the level of automation of cement grinding. The use of bypass dust collector, with dust isolation chamber, can make more dusty part of the gas through the bypass into the lower part of the cyclone to reduce the dust escape through the exhaust port opportunities. T130X series of ultra-fine grinding mill flour mill system is a closed space, closed circuit grinding raw material control system environmental protection effect is obvious.