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Vertical Ultrafine Mill Material Size

Psted On 2018-01-25 16:27:07
Vertical Ultrafine Mill Material Size

Vertical Ultrafine Mill Material Size

The material layer formed in the vertical Ultrafine Mill production has a certain particle size distribution, so it has certain range requirements for the particle size of raw materials. If the particle size is too large or too small, it will lead to the destruction of the gradation balance, resulting in the toughness and rigidity of the material layer The weakening is very harmful. First of all, the particle size is too large so that the success rate of a decline in grinding, increasing the number of material recycling, resulting in the top of the wind does not meet the fineness requirements of "medium-sized" significantly weakened the material. This situation in turn affects the smooth passage of particles that meet the fineness requirements, thus triggering a vicious cycle.

At the same time, with the increase of the amount of powder, the material ratio of the powder material increases, the original balance of the balance is broken, the deterioration of the material layer, and the vibration will increase. This situation is common in limestone for heap before and after, due to Duitou, pile tail large particles of material will cause vertical Ultrafine Mill system changes. In the operation can be properly cut material, in order to stabilize the pressure and material layer.


Second, the material particle size is too small, even when the powdery material is too much, due to poor adhesion of fine particles, good fluidity, not easy to form an effective material layer, the roller is not easy to "gnaw" the material for normal rolling, easy to trigger Relative sliding roller and disc, resulting in severe vertical vibration Ultrafine Mill.

The presence of a large amount of powdery material will increase the dust concentration, increase the pressure drop and increase the ventilation resistance, thus destroying the normal operation trajectory of the gas flow, thus weakening the gas lifting ability and reducing the gas consumption if not timely. The necessary adjustments will soon result in vertical Ultrafine Mill vibration stops. Serious when a drop roll will cause violent vibration, if a large number of powder material is suddenly into the Ultrafine Mill, vertical Ultrafine Mill will suddenly vibration stop, even the adjustment of time, so this situation is more difficult to control.


When the material is found to be too thin, especially when the pressure difference has obviously risen, the material should be greatly reduced in the future by reducing the grinding pressure, reducing the outlet humidity, increasing the amount of water spray, appropriately reducing the speed of the separator, and ensuring the stability of the material during operation And the stability of the pressure as the center, when there is a certain layer and then gradually increase the grinding pressure. In addition, the inclusion of large particles in the uniform particles, it will lead to fluctuations in the roller roll.