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Vertical Ultrafine Mill Material Wear Resistance

Psted On 2018-01-26 17:40:19
Vertical Ultrafine Mill Material Wear Resistance

Vertical Ultrafine Mill is a large roller Mill, used for raw material preparation system. In the process of production, vertical Ultrafine Mill vibration on the entire process of production and operation, maintenance and use of equipment, equipment, spare parts cycle have a great impact, and sometimes even a decisive factor, this article will legislation Ultrafine Mill in the operation of the process of vibration causes and The response measures are summarized as follows, in order to make a reference to the future production management and equipment management.


Material Abrasion

In fact, the selection of vertical Ultrafine Mill design has been taken into account the material is easy to wear, under normal circumstances, the vertical Ultrafine Mill host 3500kw, because of my plant material is poor wear and tear, and become worse, the vertical Ultrafine Mill The capacity will be reduced, only forced to cut material operation, otherwise it will cause vertical Ultrafine Mill vibration, resulting in unstable operation.

Therefore, the change of material's abrasion resistance is very important index for vertical Ultrafine Mill operation and assessment. When the material is easy to wear become worse, vertical grinding of the material will significantly increase the number of grinding, the amount of powder back to the Ultrafine Mill rose sharply, especially the pressure will become very large, poor ventilation, the material is basically suspended in the Ultrafine Mill In vivo, the material layer is extremely unstable, the load of the separator becomes larger, raw material fineness becomes coarse, the Ultrafine Mill load will also become larger, if not reduce the material in time, vibration of the Ultrafine Mill will be very intense.


Under normal circumstances, should be on the material of the grinding regular inspection, the Ultrafine Mill for the operation and feed department procurement, mining provide some basis. Changes in the nature of the material opposite the impact of more than these vertical grinding, material changes in the nature of the lining will cause excessive wear and speed up the progress of the wear liner, to ensure that production is forced to increase the grinding pressure will have a greater impact on the liner and Damage; lining excessive wear and tear will in turn lead to Ultrafine Mill vibration, so the material supply department of material properties change should take into account the impact of opposing Ultrafine Mill. Cost control should be considered.