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Feldspar Grinding Machine

Psted On 2018-09-15 20:00:15
Feldspar Grinding Machine

Reasons for poor operating efficiency of Feldspar Grinding Machine

  • 1. There are defects in the raw material preparation process. The starting sequence of the Feldspar Grinding Machine is: grinding belt → outer circulation bucket elevator → Feldspar Grinding Machine, the three interlocked. Before the Feldspar Grinding Machine is opened, the belt must be opened in the chain to realize the material circulation. However, when the Feldspar Grinding Machine is in normal production due to the sudden jump of the fault, the belt will not stop and continue feeding to the mill. If the operator is slightly negligent, it will cause a large amount of material to be fed into the mill. When it is opened again, the grinding disc is too thick, that is, “saturated” causes severe vibration, causing the grinding roller to be loaded with oil tube due to excessive oil pressure, and the grinding machine Hidden equipment and other major equipment hazards.
  • 2. The energy storage buffer capacity is insufficient. Feldspar Grinding Machine original configuration Each grinding roller loading cylinder has only four 40L accumulators, and the nitrogen balloon inflation pressure is 3.5MPa. When the mill runs smoothly, it can play a buffering pressure. However, when the vibration of the mill is large, its buffering capacity is far from enough. Due to the excessive impact of the hydraulic system, the grinding roller is often bursting, and the nitrogen balloon of the accumulator is damaged.
  • 3, the position of the roller bearing temperature thermal resistance is not reasonable. The roller bearing temperature thermal resistance was originally set on the oil return pipe at the end of the grinding roller spindle. When the oil return is smooth, the detection temperature is the real oil temperature, but when the weather is cold, the return pipe is blocked, the return pump is faulty, etc., the oil return may be poor or the oil may not be returned. The temperature measured by the thermal resistance is the ambient temperature, and cannot be It truly reflects the actual working temperature of the roller bearing, and there is a major operational risk of damage caused by bearing lubrication failure.
  • 4. The grinding slipper in the mill is in the shape of a chute, and the wear-resistant steel plate is added. The material is washed away, and the bottom of the slipper is damaged more. Some materials leak from the damaged mouth of the slipper to the center of the disc, which causes the bed to be unstable and also causes the grinding. The machine runs a large vibration.