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Gypsum Grinding Machine

Psted On 2018-09-15 20:02:59
Gypsum Grinding Machine

Equipment failure affects Gypsum Grinding Machine vibration

New replacement liner

Due to the newly changed grinding roller, the disc liner is relatively smooth, difficult to stabilize and “suck” the material, which will cause a certain vibration. In the operation, the thickness of the layer can be appropriately increased, the water spray can be increased, and the retaining ring can be increased. . When the surface of the lining plate runs for a period of time, it will gradually adapt to the nature of the material and run smoothly.

Excessive wear of the liner

Due to the centrifugal action of the grinding disc, the large material on the grinding disc is concentrated on the outer edge of the grinding disc, so that the wear of the grinding roller and the disc liner is larger than the inner side during the running process. This unbalanced wear may cause a hard impact on the inside of the roll liner and the inside of the disc liner when the material layer fluctuates greatly or the material layer is thin, causing vibration. This vibration may also occur when the disc liner is turned over and the wear portion is not completely fitted.

Hydraulic system is faulty

The hydraulic system is one of the most important equipment systems in the Gypsum Grinding Machine, and the enormous grinding pressure exerted by the grinding roller on the material is provided by it. However, due to the inconsistent action of the stretching rod caused by the hydraulic system, the grinding machine may vibrate when the three rollers are not synchronized during the falling roller and the lifting roller.