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Limestone Grinding Mill

Psted On 2018-09-15 20:04:02
Limestone Grinding Mill

Effect of material properties on vibration of Limestone Grinding Mill

Material granularity

The material layer formed in the Limestone Grinding Mill production process has a certain size gradation, so it has a certain range of requirements on the particle size of the raw material. If the particle size is too large or too small, the gradation balance will be destroyed, resulting in the layer. The weakening of toughness and rigidity is very harmful. First, the excessive particle size makes the initial grinding success rate decrease, increasing the number of material circulations, resulting in a significant decrease in the “medium-grained” material that does not meet the fineness requirements above the wind ring. This situation affects the smooth passage of particles meeting the fineness requirements, which leads to a vicious cycle. At the same time, as the amount of powder returned increases, the powdery material on the layer increases, and the original gradation balance is broken. The stability of the layer is deteriorated and the vibration is increased.

Material wearability

In fact, in the selection and design of the Limestone Grinding Mill, the material is easy to grind, the material is not easy to grind, and when it becomes worse, the capacity of the Limestone Grinding Mill will be weakened. Forced to reduce the material operation, otherwise it will cause the vibration of the Limestone Grinding Mill, resulting in unstable operation. Therefore, the change of material wearability is very important indicator for the operation and assessment of the Limestone Grinding Mill. When the material is easy When the grinding property is deteriorated, the number of grinding of the material by the Limestone Grinding Mill will increase significantly, and the amount of powder returned on the grinding disc will increase sharply. Especially the pressure difference will become very large, the ventilation will be poor, and the material will be suspended in the grinding body. The material layer is unstable, the load of the powder separator becomes larger, the fineness of the raw material becomes thicker, and the load of the mill becomes larger. If the material is not reduced in time, the vibration of the Limestone Grinding Mill will be very severe.