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Marble Grinding Machine

Psted On 2018-09-15 20:05:21
Marble Grinding Machine

Marble Grinding Machine operation skills

1. Control of the thickness of the layer

The Marble Grinding Machine is a bed crushing device, and the crushing effect depends on the wearability of the material and the applied tension and the amount of material that withstands these pressing forces. The adjustment range of the tightening force is limited. If the material is difficult to grind, the new unit surface area consumes a large amount of energy. At this time, if the material layer is thick, the amount of material that absorbs energy increases, causing coarse powder generated during the crushing process to reach fineness. The reduction in requirements, low output, high energy consumption, large cyclic load, and poor control of pressure difference make the working conditions worse. In the case of difficult grinding, the thickness of the layer should be appropriately reduced to increase the proportion of the qualified particle size. If the material is easy to grind, a large amount of qualified particles can be produced in a thick layer, and the layer should be appropriately thickened to increase the yield. Generally, the thickness of the control layer is about 50mm~80mm. The amount of material fed to the Marble Grinding Machine is balanced with the amount of finished product. One of the important conditions for stabilizing the thickness of the layer is that the feed size and particle gradation are reasonable. In 2007, the vertical reducer of our company's Marble Grinding Machine was driven by high-speed shaft. The first stage combined with two bevels broke. In the absence of new spare parts replacement, the reducer was equipped with fault relief operation to ensure pressure of 108 bar. When the main motor current is not higher than 245A, how can the quality improve the output and reduce the power consumption? We re-calibrate the thickness of the material layer to ensure that it is about 50mm. The Marble Grinding Machine is produced under the thinner layer thickness and strives to improve the one-time grinding effect. Frequently check the wear condition of the material baffle, replace the wear plate above, ensure that the size between the wear plate and the disc liner is 150mm, it will force the flat bed, reduce the fluctuation of the material layer, increase the grinding efficiency and increase the output.

2, water spray control

The main function of the Marble Grinding Machine water spray is to adjust the grinding temperature, stabilize the material layer and reduce the pressure difference inside the mill. The amount of water sprayed in the mill and the reasonable water spray method can change the movement resistance of the material on the grinding disc, affect the flow rate of the material, control the length of the material being grinded, and affect the grinding effect. The abrasion of the abrasive material in the mill often leads to the damage of the water spray device in the mill, and is treated during the planned maintenance to ensure stable working conditions.

3. Control of differential pressure

Control of differential pressure is a key factor in improving product quality and yield. The pressure difference is mainly composed of two parts, one is the local ventilation resistance caused by the hot air inlet nozzle ring, and the other part is the fluid resistance filled with suspended material from the top of the nozzle ring to the pressure point. The sum of these two resistances constitutes The pressure difference of the grinding machine. The amount of feed and the amount of circulating material in the grinding chamber will cause a change in the fluid resistance in the grinding chamber, resulting in a change in the pressure difference. Keeping the pressure difference within the mill stable, which indicates that the amount of material to be milled and the amount of material to be milled have reached a dynamic balance, and the cyclic load is stable, which is the prerequisite for the normal production of a stable Marble Grinding Machine. In production, the pressure difference should be controlled in a timely and effective manner at around 7000pa. The decrease in pressure difference indicates that the amount of material to be milled is less than the amount of material to be ground, the cyclic load is reduced, and the thickness of the bed is gradually thinned. When the thickness is too thin, vibration will occur and the grinding will stop. The reason for the increase in pressure difference is that the amount of material to be ground is greater than the amount of material to be ground, sometimes because the process links are unreasonable, resulting in a decrease in the amount of material being ground. If the crushing effect of the material bed is poor, the amount of grinding material will be reduced and the circulation amount will increase; the low efficiency of the powder selection will also reduce the amount of grinding material.

4, external circulation control

The outer circulation material is generally the material after the grinding, and is ground together with the fresh incoming material. It can adjust the particle grading of the grinding material to enhance the grinding effect. According to the particle state and amount of the external circulation material, the grinding effect can be judged. In the operation, the current of the control loop bucket is below 100A, which ensures that the Marble Grinding Machine is produced under moderate load conditions. Stable operation, addition and subtraction should be appropriate, no forced feeding is allowed, resulting in overload production of the main engine.

5, vibration control

When the Marble Grinding Machine is in normal operation, the vibration value of the Marble Grinding Machine should be strictly controlled within a reasonable range, and it is not allowed to exceed 0.9 mm/s in an instant. The cutting capacity of the Marble Grinding Machine must be adapted to the capacity of the Marble Grinding Machine. When the material is fragile, the hardness is low, and the tension is high, the pressure may be caused by vibration in an instant. If the amount of material is too large, the speed of the separator is too high, and the amount of air in the mill is insufficient, the amount of powder produced is too much, which exceeds the carrying capacity of the gas passing through the mill; if the system leaks a large amount of air or adjusts improperly, the internal circulation load of the mill will increase. Large, full of grinding, vibration.

6, air volume control

The power consumption of the product is closely related to the output of the Marble Grinding Machine. The higher the output, the lower the unit power consumption. The lower the output, the larger the amount of air used, the more likely it is to increase the power consumption of the fan. Under the premise of satisfying the air velocity of the nozzle ring and the dust concentration of the air volume, the excessive air volume should not be used; according to the power consumption, the load between the grinding machine, the circulating fan and the tail fan should be properly distributed; Degree and temperature, reasonable adjustment of ventilation. In the production, according to the moisture and the wearability of the material, the opening degree of each fan valve plate is appropriately adjusted. For example, when the grinding material is wet, the grinding temperature is lower, which will increase the load of the circulating fan. At this time, we turn off the circulating wind, increase the speed of the high-temperature fan, increase the grinding temperature, and reduce the load of the circulating fan.