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Mini Cement Plant Project Report

Psted On 2018-10-25 19:21:21
Mini Cement Plant Project Report

Process classification of Mini Cement Plant

As an alternative to natural sand, manufactured sand has occupied an increasingly important position. With the gradual improvement of the quality requirements of manufactured sand, more and more attention has been paid to the control of gradation, grain shape and powder content. It is more and more important and urgent to select high-quality equipment and sand-making process. The following is a brief introduction to the classification of Mini Cement Plants.

Firstly, the Mini Cement Plant can be divided into wet sand, dry sand and semi-dry sand according to the separation of stone powder. Wet sand making is mainly aimed at sand making from river pebbles and other raw materials with high mud content, which can effectively reduce the mud content, but the loss of fine sand is serious, and sufficient water is needed. Dry sand is mainly aimed at making sand from mountain crushed stone. Fine sand has no loss, stone powder content can be controlled, sand gradation is more reasonable, but the mud content of raw materials is strictly required.

Secondly, the Mini Cement Plant can be divided into separate sand making and combined sand making according to the technological process. Individual sand making refers to the sand making method in which raw material stones are directly converted into finished sand through the sand making line. Combined sand making is a kind of sand making method that mixes coarse sand, a by-product produced in the process of crushed stone mining or crushing, with a part of fine sand to make mixed sand. The former is relatively low in output, and the latter is large in scale and suitable for some large projects.

In addition, according to the structural form, it can be divided into planar sand making and floor type sand making.

The above content is Mini Cement Plant process classification, will be introduced in detail later, please continue to pay attention.