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Project Report Of Robo Sand Making

Psted On 2018-10-25 19:22:57
Project Report Of Robo Sand Making

Design points of Robo Sand Making Project silos

In the Robo Sand Making Project, the silo is a very important component, plays a role of transit, buffer, adjustment. If the silo is well designed, it will bring great help to the production. The design points of the silo of the Robo Sand Making Project are analyzed below.

The first is the flow pattern selection of silos. In Robo Sand Making Project, storage capacity and flow state are two basic characteristics of silos. There are basically two types of silos according to the flow pattern: the overall flow bin and the central flow type bin. When discharging from the integral flow silo, all the stones flow to the discharge port, and the material level drops evenly, and the discharging flow is stable and even. However, when discharging from the central flow silo, only the central part of the stone flows to the discharge port. Although the formation and collapse of the rat hole and viscous arch make the discharging flow unstable, it has the characteristics of good universality, long life and low cost. Which choice is specific, or depends on the user's choice.

Next is the size design of the discharge port. In the Robo Sand Making Project, in order to ensure the continuous operation of the crusher, the whole production line will not stop working because of the block caused by the rapid input of stone from the silo to the crushing chamber. The flow from the silo to the crushing chamber must be less than or equal to the crushing capacity of the crusher under normal working conditions, that is, the discharge port size of the silo should be less than or equal to the feed port size of the crusher. In addition, because the stone supply is intermittent, the silo will inevitably produce vibration during the feeding process, in order to prevent the vibration transmission to the crusher, and to reduce the wear and tear between the unloading port of the silo and the crusher inlet, the two should leave a certain gap in height.

The above contents are simply explained from two aspects of flow pattern selection of silo and dimension design of discharge port. Besides, there are other essentials. If users want to know, keep watching.