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Sand Process

Psted On 2018-09-15 18:53:37
Sand Process

"manufactured sand" refers to the sand processed by sand machine and other ancillary equipment, the finished product is more regular, can be processed into different rules and sizes of sand according to different technological requirements, can better meet daily needs. The manufactured sand must have professional equipment to produce qualified sand and gravel.

Basic introduction of Sand Process Plant

The Sand Process Plant is composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor. According to different technological requirements, various types of equipment are combined to meet the different technological requirements of customers.

Basic process of Sand Process Plant

First of all, the stone is crushed preliminarily by the crusher, and then the coarse material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the fine crusher for further crushing. After the fine crushed stone is fed into the vibrating screen, two kinds of stones are screened out, which meet the granularity of the sand-making machine, and the other part is fed back into the fine crushing.

Some of the stones of the sand making machine are made into sand, which is washed by the sand washing machine and then made into finished sand. The other part of the sand making machine is broken again.

Introduction to linear production of Sand Process Plant

The Sand Process Plant of our company has high automation, low operation cost, high crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance, and the manufactured sand produced by the Sand Process Plant fully conforms to the national standard of building sand, with uniform granularity, good granularity and reasonable gradation.

Characteristics of manufactured sand

1. Ruggedness and durability test. The hardness of manufactured sand is slightly worse than that of natural sand, but it still meets the standard of GB / T 141684293. There is no problem in the use of ordinary concrete. In addition to admixtures, the ratio of lime to sand, the crushing index of sand and the content of stone powder should be controlled.

2. The influence of machine-made aggregate content on the properties of cement mixture. Through cement test, mortar test and concrete test, there is no great difference between concrete made of manufactured sand and natural sand. Generally speaking, under the premise of the same slump, the water consumption of manufactured sand is slightly larger, but it should be considered according to the construction conditions, structure and transportation factors. However, the strength of concrete is basically unchanged; when making special concrete such as pumping concrete with manufactured sand, we should pay attention to the sand rate should not be too high to prevent the reduction of concrete strength and durability and other engineering quality.

In the process of Engineering construction, sand and stone as an important component of concrete structure materials, its quality has a decisive impact on the quality and durability of the whole project. On the premise of satisfying the performance index of sand, it is not only feasible to meet the construction quality requirement, but also to effectively control the production cost to select an economical and feasible scheme. Thus, in areas where natural sand resources are scarce, it is not only feasible to produce high-quality manufactured sand by using high-efficiency counter-impact crusher or impact crusher for concrete construction and production. And its comprehensive benefits are also significant. At the same time, in the use of manufactured sand, we can also carry out research and experiment in the discipline of building materials, accumulate experience, and lay the foundation for the development of the discipline.

Structural characteristics

manufactured sand and stone production line is the preferred equipment for the reuse of waste tailings resources. It is highly concerned by the tailings treatment industry. Tailings treatment is not difficult. It is important to have advanced equipment and policy guidance. Therefore, in order to further improve the development and utilization of tailings resources, the following measures can be taken:

First, technological innovation in comprehensive utilization of tailings should be strengthened, and advanced technologies, equipment and processes should be developed to speed up the transformation of research results.

Second, it is necessary to manage the funds well, and to sign the key contracts for the utilization of tailings and "waste residues" in large enterprises and large mining areas.